Finding your ideal job is not about having the right resume. It's about you.

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Luis Martinez

Are you aspiring to a leadership position?  Do you want to reach the C-Suite?  Have you been passed over for a promotion?   Does your current employer recognize your value?  Do you recognize your worth?

Virtually everyone at one time or another experiences the frustration of trying to perform a meaningless job. Others actually lose their employment. Still others leave the world of work to raise a family but later feel lost when trying to reenter the workforce. Many spend many years hopping from job to job in their career transition only to later recognize that they have wasted much of their time. Does this sound familar?

This is your site for executive coaching and leadership development, a career resource center in Rochester N.Y., and in Miami, FL for promotion planning, leadership coaching and managing change in your career.

The benefit of working with me will be substantially more than just your resume and cover letter – it will be your own credible, validated Personal Value Proposition, and a tool kit for advancement into leadership roles in your chosen professi













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