December 30, 2009

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What do you dream about? What is it that you would like to achieve? What have you been searching for, longing for in your professional life?

In my consulting practice I am thrilled when a client asks me how to reach a higher level. It’s exciting to me because it’s one of the most rewarding things that I do – to have the opportunity to help those who ask the question, to watch them blossom, to help them on a different path ramping up to a higher level.

Recently I was coaching a chief financial officer of a major manufacturing concern in Minneapolis. I’ll call him Henry. Henry had been exploring his career situation and (more…)

Bring Your Value to the Interview

December 8, 2009

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Every day I am introduced to people who are in search of a job or making a career change, or deciding to start a business.  After all the pleasantries and friendly banter, the business aspects of the conversation usually start with where those person has been working, what they’ve done, their education, their skills and experience.  That’s only natural.  This is useful information and it’s right at hand; it’s information easily reached on the mental shelf, at eye level – no reaching or stretching, no turning over stuff searching around for data.  That’s what they know, that’s what’s been reflected back to them by (more…)

LinkedIn? Or Left Out?

December 1, 2009

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One phenomenon that has grown rapidly since the first edition of my book is networking using social media, also referred to as Web 2.0 (web-two-point-o). While young college students and recent graduates are very familiar with Facebook, Twitter and MySpace media for social networking, more experienced professionals and business-only networkers appreciate the power of business networking tools like LinkedIn.LinkedIn has grown exponentially in recent years.

When I joined LinkedIn in 2004, I often had to explain what it was to my business peers in Xerox, Corp.; I had to show my friends and family why I found it valuable. Interestingly, many of my peers (more…)

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