What Was I Missing?

January 25, 2010

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Looking at my work and life experience from both sides of the desk – as an employee, and as a manager and even company owner – I ask myself: what was I feeling when things weren’t going right? When the world seemed out of balance? When I had done the work, given it my all, but it still didn’t taste good? Even when I was well paid? Or when I was paying others well? What was up? What was I missing?

Appreciation – that’s what I was missing.

Think about it. Why do you sometimes feel an emptiness even after doing a great job chasing down a problem for a customer? Why the feeling of a kick in the stomach when (more…)

On Giving

January 9, 2010

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What are you giving away – with no expectation of return? What part of your value or of your services are you rendering to others as your gift for the greater good? And, you may be asking, why this topic today? Well, if you suspect that this topic was chosen to set the reader up to make a philanthropic donation to a worthy cause, you are right! Your cause. This is a business topic – about your business.

We establish our businesses to earn an income, to be economically self sufficient, to be productive for ourselves and others. That is understood. But there is room in that profit motive equation for charity, not just the traditional type of charity of benevolent donations to worthy causes, but charity with an intent of benefiting the greater good, of which we are also a part. Sounds circuitous, doesn’t it? Let me use two specific examples to illustrate, one of a local entrepreneur, the second one of a national magazine. (more…)

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