Who’s Your Mentor?

March 9, 2010

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While researching the topic of mentorship for a keynote address, I learned that the word Mentor comes from Greek mythology. In Homer’s tale of the Odyssey, Odysseus had a son named Telemachus. Odysseus needed to go and fight the Trojan wars. Realizing that he would be away for long periods of time, he asked his trusted friend, Mentor, to tutor and teach his son Telemachus. So the noun – mentor – traces its roots to that era. Today we use the noun, mentor, as a verb; we talk about mentoring someone.

What’s the value of mentorship? The value of mentors and mentoring is one of my favorite developmental topics. In fact, there is a section in my current book, Getting There, dedicated to the importance of mentors. Quoting from page 125, “Mentors are, as we say in Spanish, like (more…)

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