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Table of Contents

Getting There,
High Performance Strategies and Tactics for Career Decisions

  1. Career Coaching 101 – Who Are You?  
    Fundamentals; Interests; Discovering What You Love To Do; Environments; Advanced Technique; Deal Busters; For Recent High School or College Graduates; Recognizing and Recording Your Skills; Values; Who Are You?; On the Importance of Attributes; Tara Whitman’s Story; Soft Skills?  What Soft Skills?; From Tears To Cheers in Just Five Weeks; Generating Options; Potential Obstacles and Workarounds; Someone Will Believe in You; But First You Have to Believe In Yourself! Chapter Summary;  Homework.
  2. Career Coaching 102 – The Tool Kit
    The Elevator Speech; The Objective; The Resume; Competent Resumes vs. Passionate Correspondence; Answering the "So What?" Question; Measuring the Value of Your Contribution; The Cover Letter; The Emotional Hook; The "Love" Word and the "Passion" Word; The Third and Last Paragraph; The Next Best Thing; On the Importance of Meeting People; Steps to Lifelong Networking; Chapter Summary;  Homework.
  3. Career Coaching 103 – The Interview
    Interviews; Three Tools for the Interview; One: The First Question You Will Be Asked; Those Pesky Behavioral Interviewing Questions; Handling Other Questions That May Arise; Some Questions You Hope They Don’t Ask; Illegal Questions That Employers Should Never Ask; Some Exceptions; Two: The T-Chart – Knowing Their Needs and Educating Your Interviewer About Your Contributions; Three: The Questions That You Must Ask; Tips and Tactics for Interviewing; Do’s and Don’ts for Interviewing; Handling Rejection; How to Handle Exploratory Interviews; The Purpose of This Interview is – to Get The Next Interview!; What Are They Really Buying?  Your Attributes!; It’s Really About Turning Your Passion Into Cash; A Good Interviewer is Hard to Find; How to Handle theTelephone Interview; Immediately After the Interview; On Exchanging Business Cards; For Exploratory Interviews; For Networking Meetings; What About Working With Headhunters? The New World of E-mail;  Homework.
  4. Career Coaching 104 -The Compensation Discussion
    What if They Ask My Salary?  Negotiating for the Optimal Salary; What if You Can’t Come to Terms?
  5. Career Coaching 105 - The First 100 Days
  6. Tactical Support
    The Dangers of the Comfort Zone; Comfort Zone Disposition = Disastrous Consequences; A Mole in His Hole; Unemployed?; Self Help: On the Importance of Quiet Introspection; Visualizing the New Ideal Job; On the Importance of Being Balanced; Break Sweat; Your Sunshine Folder; Performance Management; Homework
  7. Career Development and Direction
    “Open” and “Closed” Vocations; Climbing the T’s; Timing is (Not Always) Everything; Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go; On The Importance of Mentors
  8. On the Importance of Helping Others

Attachment A: Love to Do / Skills / Attributes Lists
Attachment B: Examples of Elevator Speeches
Attachment C: Cover Letter Template
Attachment D: Sample Resume
Attachment E: The Tee Chart for Interviewing
Attachment F: Cold Networking Call
Attachment G: Warm Networking Call
Appendix: List of Attributes
Suggested Reading
Notes and References

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