Fee Schedule

For personalized executive coaching services, which consist of:

  • Establishing a trust relationship with you based on your expressed interests, goals and objectives,
  • Using dialogue for inquiry, reflection, requests for information (some of it personal), with the objective of learning who you are,
  • Meeting in person and engaging in dialogue and discussions to identify your Personal Value Proposition,
  • Using my life and career coaching process and tool kit which I’ve developed over many years of coaching professionals, executives and entrepreneurs,
  • Developing an overaraching strategy for you – your Strategic Intent – as our major objective, putting into place action plans and identifying useful relationships intended to achieve your stated goals.  
  • Services include assesment via the Workplace Big5 Profile 4.0, a comprehensive personality inventory interpreted by a certified expert

As your Coach, I will provide for you a safe, confidential, impartial means for dialog about your concerns and aspirations.  I will hold you accountable to your own leadership goals and objectives by monitoring your progress towards implementation of your action plans. Together, we will evolve and modify your plans to best suit your needs and relationships.

I will often hold up "mirrors" for you to see yourself from different perspectives; I will share my observations with you.  I may ask you for permission to gather external perspectives and opinions.  From time to time, I will provide and share specific insights, skills and tactical tools to empower you toward achieving your Strategic Intent©.

As my Client, you will be responsible for your own achievements and success.  You will take action with our agreed plans, and I may assist you, but never lead nor do more than you do. Therefore, as your Coach I cannot promise that you as a Client will take any specific action or attain any specific goal.

N.B. Please note that my form of professional executive coaching is not psychological counseling, nor diagnosis or therapy.  Those require different skill sets and approaches to change.



For fifteen (15) sessions of personal coaching, $2,400 ($1,000 payable at commencement, balance in two more installments)

For twenty (20) sessions $2,900 ($1,000 payable at commencement, balance in two more installments)

Ease of Payment

Gran Altura, Inc. can process payments of retainers and fees by check or cash. Please specify your preference in your next conversation with Luis Martínez.


Executive Coaching and Leaderhip Development Services

Career Coach Luis Martinez at one of his presentations


The process of developing your Personal Value Proposition© (PVP) reveals your own, unique value for promotion and leadership.

Your PVP can be identified, recognized, branded and marketed for self actualization and financial reward. In this process your Executive Coach will help you with promotion planning tactics, leadership development strategies and a tool kit necessary for a successful career.

Executive coaching services include coaching and mentoring using the PVP process to explore:

  • Who are you, in a professional sense?  What is your professional content?  What are your leadership traits?
  • Who is your audience for your value and deep domain expertise? 
  • What tool kit is needed for successful branding and marketing of your value and expertise for promotability.
  • Strategies for the interview process – how to anticipate and respond.
  • Preparing for the compensation discussion, and responding to offer letters or promotional opportunities.
  • Creating a plan for the first 100 days on the new leadership role.
  • Tactical support for the unemployed or discouraged.
  • Thorough analysis of options for those contemplating a change in career tracks, or into entrepreneurship.

Note: This process for development of your own Personal Value Proposition has been tried and found successful for hundreds of clients in 12 states.

Achieve Your Strategic Intent©

This outline of executive coaching and leadership development activities follows closely the process outlined in my two books, Getting There and Getting There Volume 2, but the counseling experience is significantly reinforced by my personal interaction and dialogue with you.  The end result will be substantially more than just your resume and cover letter – it will be your own credible, validated Personal Value Proposition© which you will use to achive your Strategic Intent©.

Tips & Tactics

This first informal meeting is an opportunity for us to get acquainted and understand current circumstances in your career. I will then offer you various career development potential approches, and eventually, warm referrals to leaders in your industry or profession who would be of interest deep domain expertise.

There is no charge for this initial Tips & Tactics meeting.


There is nothing to sign.  Fee is due on the first session, at commencement.  There are no refunds for unused sessions.  Arrangement can start on any day. 

There is also a different model, using a longer term retainer and more intense coaching relationship.  Please inquire if interested.

NOTE: The entire cost of your career search efforts, including this service, may be deductible in your annual tax return.  Consult your tax advisor.

*Consultations via telephone or Skype services can be ongoing as you progress in your individualized program, but it is subject to limitations at the coach's discretion.

"Recuerden: Todo lo que hago en inglés, lo puedo hacer igualmente en español."


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