Tips for Career Success

Luis Martinez presenting to a group of professionals

From Author Luis A. Martínez

  1. Discover what you love - Talk to your career coach, friends and family and ask them to help you define who you are – professionally - based on what you love to do; the things that you’re good at doing, those from which you derive great satisfaction, and are most valued for leadership by employers and family - are the things you love to do.
  2. Identify your Personal Value Proposition – take an inventory of our skills, knowledge and attributes – how do you add value to your current employer?  What leadership skills do you have to offer?  How well do you know about your craft, your vocation, your industry?  What are your personal characteristics that add value to an organization? 
  3. Prepare for the opportunity – use the internet to research the company you’re interested in, learn about its leaders, read recent news, learn about its products and services, find out about their competitors, network and call people in the company and ask about the culture; be well prepared for a leadership role - someone will believe in you.
  4. Always be networking – the time to network is not just when you lose your job, it’s when you are employed, successful, confident and able to help others in need; after you land a job, keep networking, spend the time - it’s about building great relationships on your way to a leadership role in the C-suite.
  5. Express gratitude – pick up the phone and call someone who helped you, send a nicely worded email, follow up on their referrals, mail them a handwritten card, introduce them to other great people, stop by their house and drop off some garden flowers, mail them a bar of chocolate on their birthday - ask what you can do for them.  Behave like the leader you want to be.
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